Decisions, decisions! 

Choices.  The cornerstone of the American lifestyle. Whether it’s choosing our President,  a career path, or an ice-cream flavor, we value the ability to choose.  Image

Options? Yes please!

But as the number  of options grows, making a decision starts becoming more difficult.  How do we know we’re making the BEST choice?  What if the mascarpone cherry rice pudding is actually better than the rum raisin rice pudding? (If you’ve ever been to Rice to Riches in NYC, you know what I mean!)   Are we missing out on something truly fabulous by choosing something that’s merely excellent?

When faced with too many choices we don’t always have the time to look at all the information out there to make the best choice for our situation.

I think this is true in skin care.  There are hundreds of products in the skin care aisle at the pharmacy.  Hundreds more at the cosmetics counter at the mall.  Not to mention on line.

The number of options can be overwhelming and a bit confusing. “Is my skin red? Sensitive? Acne-prone?  Sun damaged?”  Honestly, it may be hard to tell. (Does an occasional pimple mean my skin is acne-prone or does it happen to everyone?)

Toward that end, we’ve created a patent-pending skin analysis tool which can analyze a photo of your skin and tell you what condition is most prominent.  You’ll get guidance as to whether you’d be better off spending your money on an anti-redness product, an acne treatment, a skin-tone balancer, or an anti-wrinkle product.  It will help narrow the number of choices to a more manageable number.

Options? Great!  Too many options?  Help!

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