Maximize your good looks by making smart product choices! 

Too many choices on the skincare aisle? Want to figure out what skin condition to target for maximal impact?

Sure, there are some creams out there that really can even out your skin tone. But if your skin tone is already even, maybe that’s not the product for you.

A dermatologist we consulted recently mentioned that a patient will often state his or her main affliction to be something other than what she would cite as the patient’s main cosmetic concern.   Bearing this in mind, we developed a free, private automatic skin analysis web-based tool.

It’s easy to use;  just visit

and upload a photo of your face.

Your skin will be analyzed for acne, redness, hyperpigmentation including spots and freckles,  and fine lines and wrinkles.  Based on the analysis, you’ll be classified as one of the following:

  • Dolphin Smooth, even skin.. lucky you!
  • Leopard Adorable but speckled
  • Shar pei Fine lines and wrinkles are apparent
  • Cardinal Sensitive skin and redness
  • Sea Star Acne-prone skin

We’ll give you a little information about the concern and show

you a set of products that we think will give you the best bang for your skincare buck.


Oh, and one more thing… rest assured that no one other than you will  have access to your photo. Ever!

So, what skinimal are you? Find out today and take the first step toward dophinizing yourself!