Why Am I Starting SkinOfMine.com? 

Why am I starting this website? In a word, Berk.  My husband.  He grew up on the Aegean coast of Turkey, spending long summers in Cesme, a lively-yet-quaint beach town. He was among the first to enjoy windsurfing in Alacati, which has since become a hotspot for windsurfers internationally.  He spent endless days (and nights) diving in his local bay.  He boated. And waterskied. And swam. All this fun in the sun left him with moles. Lots and lots of them. He regularly visits his dermatologist and usually has a few moles removed for biopsy when he goes. Thankfully, we haven’t had any of them come back as melanoma.  But we are cautious.   And we do self checks between doctor visits.

One day it hit me … we could automate the process!  As a computer scientist,  the idea had a lot of appeal.  As a wife, the idea gave me a lot a comfort – we would have a better way of seeing changes in the moles our doctor seemed most concerned about. And maybe other people would find it helpful and interesting too. I mentioned the idea to our dermatologist, who thought that in conjunction with regular medical visits, an automated tool for analyzing and tracking moles would be great. Fueled by her excitement, I put pen to paper, so to speak, and the rest is (unfolding) history……

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