SkinOfMine is a website devoted to helping people analyze and track changes in their moles and skin. Patients can use the site to monitor their own skin between doctor visits. They simply upload a photo of their skin, get automatic feedback (consisting of ABCD information for moles, or a quantification of wrinkles, discoloration, or acne) and can do a mathematical alignment of a “before” to a current photo to help highlight changes.

The site was conceptualized over dinner one summer evening in 2008 at Red Hat Restaurant in Irvington, NY.  After that evening, we managed to put together a small but highly-effective team to bring the site to its present state.  The core team consists of computer scientists with backgrounds from MIT and IBM Research.

We are deeply thankful for the chance to coordinate this effort, and for all of the hard work and support of everyone involved.  We look forward to continuously improving and expanding SkinOfMine!